Saturday, August 12, 2017

POS_Hungary Update

It been some time since we post an update about our projects.
well, now it the time, we start working on the long time promised Hungary. you can see the preview of the scenery, the project called POS_Hungary_2005, so you ask why 2005? well, the best imagery we could find for Hungary is from 2005, we want to make it fast and hope to give more attention for an updated version of Hungary when a better source of imagery will be available. it better then nothing.

it will be quick because we are going to publish it in 2m/pix resolution, less work for us, but we still want to keep a high quality so we want to make some regions in 1m/pix.
right now we are planing to create Budapest region in 1m/pix but we want to ask you if you want us to focus on more then Budapest regions?