Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Time for more updates

Time for more updates from our upcoming scenery, well, we keep working on the scenery on our free time, there is defiantly lot of work. in the past 3 weeks we mange to finish 80% of Cyprus watermask, it sounds good but we still have north Cyprus to start working at. so take a look on our progress with the watermasking (yes yes, it masked by hand, each stone and each kilometer of the coastline)

Meanwhile we took a little time off to try and hunt our next scenery, and we must tell you, even we been surprised from what we get this time, It took us long time to find good enough source, but we made it. this time we will just post a preview of the test we made. we wont tell you which country it is, but we will tell you that it should have a photoscenery long ago.
let see if you can guess