Monday, March 13, 2017

Project Open Scenery - Cyprus_Preview

last week we gave you a teaser for our next project and today we revealing that our next scenery will be Cyprus.
it will take us some time to finish it because there is a lot of water mask (we good experiment before we start working on Croatia) till now we have finished 50-60% of the watermasking.

the problem is that Cyprus island divide into 2 different countries.
so we just finish 50-60% of Cyprus, we still need to work on northern Cyprus and there is much more work to do (color corrections and masking) if you want we can give you download link only to Cyprus before we publishing the entire island on our page.

so if you want to know where we stand right now, here is Larnaca region (we finished masking the region from Paphos to Larnaca)