Saturday, February 20, 2016

SCS Tu-134 P3D modification

SCS Tu-134A P3D patch

as part of my work I decided to modify the SCS Tu-134 to work under P3D
I know it work in FSX under DX9 but not in DX10 where you get problem with the windows texture in the VC, you can delete the windows textures but It much better with the original texture so I create a new set of textures, this texture look like the original texture, it work in P3D but you will have problem in FSX because all the other texture doesn't supported in DX10

in P3D there been a problem with the gauges that cause it to crash to desktop so I modify the panel.cfg (I add the full panel folder if you have problem with missing gauge)
also there been a problem with the cockpit sound so I deleted the problematic sound
you need to replace it inside SCS folder

It work but there is a problem with the engine thrust that automatically go to full thrust when pressing some of the buttons in 2D panel (some of the gauges doesn't respond in VC so you need to use the 2D)
also the external model have some problems with the shadow and the cockpit window transparency, something that shouldn't bother you, after all it FS9 addon, and still look amazing today.

Download from here 

if you want to fix it you invited
also send me what you fix so i can add it to the patch
you can connect me via the mail

hope you enjoy this patch
FTXDes group