Friday, February 19, 2016

Flight Simulator X - Tashkent X preview

Hi there and welcome to FTXDes, we are new group of flight simulator developers
I have a little much time but I want to share with you the our up coming new scenery of Tashkent - Uzbekistan

the scenery covers Tashkent region (approximately 120X80Km)
and use LOD16 for the airports surrounding, LOD15 for the city and LOD14 for the rest of
in the future we gonna improve the LOD for importent area to 15 like "
Chervak Riverside and other cites in the area.
the scenery. it been cheacked under FSX and P3DV3.

this is in early stage of the development
most of the photoscenery imagery is done so it gonna be release soon as beat
the next step as you can sea from the photo is the autogens and the night environment

also we are looking for scenery designers to join us and help us develop the airports in the region.

yet, this was a small preview, but stay turned for more updates.

FTXDes group