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Croatia, officially the Republic of Croatia is a country at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe on the Adriatic Sea. It borders Slovenia to the northwest, Hungary to the northeast, Serbia to the east, and Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro to the southeast, and it shares a maritime border with Italy. Its capital and largest city, Zagreb, forms one of the country's primary subdivisions, along with twenty counties. Croatia has an area of 56,594 square kilometers (21,851 square miles) and a population of 4.07 million. 

 This scenery contains entire territory of the Croatia with 2m/pix texture coverage and main cites in 1m/pix, you can see the map below that show the high resolution coverage.

The coastline is custom hand draw, It advised to use vector coastline data to avoid conflicts with the real coastline like ORBX vector or other vector coastline data

There is no night texture and only one season. The scenery have been tested under P3Dv5, P3Dv4, P3Dv3 and FSX In order to install the scenery you need 10.7GB of free space on your computer, also for best performance we recommend to use SSD for better loading time and faster feedback.

There may be a problem displaying the coastline correctly over the default terrain. for users that doesn't use vector coastline data (like FTX Global VECTOR by  Orbx), or else you can use the free Europe coastline cvx correction from Italian photoreal

It advised to download a detailed mash for the scenery so you get the most out of the rich environment of scenery, we advise to use FreeMesh X Global

Download Project Open Scenery Croatia (Magnet)

Download Project Open Scenery Croatia (Torrent)

Project Open scenery Croatia fix V1 (10.01.2021) 

if you have downloaded the scenery by torrent or direct link before the 12.01.2021 you should download this fix and replace the file inside the scenery folder of Project Open Scenery Croatia

Autogen for Project Open Scenery Croatia by Matthias From FSXForum.de














  1. Thank you for sharing! Just looks very nice.

  2. the torrent link is not working...?!

  3. Yes, the torrent isn't working. Can you please check the link. Thanks and great job.

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  5. Torrent is working now. Thank you, loved Slovenia and looking forward to exploring Croatia

    1. I was too optimistic. It looks like there may be one seeder but it is very intermittent so effectively this torrent is dead

    2. well, this is a free project, I don't have the ability to hold servers to host my files so I'm rely on torrents and seeders, most of the time after a user downloads the scenery he deleting the download file so they are not seeding it any more. lately I run out of storage space on my pc so I'm using other computer to seed' the problem with this computer that it available only few hours a day so you need to be patient, I'm sorry about this condition and hope it will be solved soon

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    Would you please help me to download Project Open Scenery Croatia? I do't have any experiences with Torrent, is it any other way? Is Torrent still working? Thank you in advance.
    BR /// Branimir

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