Thursday, February 1, 2024

New project - EHEH

 Hi all, so as you noticed LLER airport for MSFS has been published on simmarket and we getting a very good feedback from the users so thank you all and if you haven't got a copy of the scenery you can do it on simmarket.

So here is some statements, it's look like that nowadays most of the users have moved to MSFS (and also our team using it for 90% of there free time flights) so there won't be new Project open scenery. also it was a free project that based on donations we prefer to focus on payware content, this will motivate us to mange finish our future projects and not get disappointed when you not getting enough donations to hold your server. so project open scenery will be available only by torrents.

And the last part, in the past two month (after the release of LLER) we been working on our next scenery project for MSFS, the release of LLER helped us understand the market and we start looking for the next project, and after few weeks we found it!! EHEH - Eindhoven Airport, so here is how it's look like after one month of intensive modeling, we promises you to bring you the best quality scenery that we can make, we learned a lot out of the development of LLER

 We publishing on our Discord server a daily update about the progress on EHEH airport, you will find the link on the top right corner of the page.