Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Project LLER update 26.08.2020


It been few days after the release of Ramon airport scenery and we hope you having fun. we received from you a good feedback but some of the questions are repeating themselves so here are our quick answers
1) yes, we are looking into converting the scenery into MSFS2020, right now the simulator is new and also it's SDK, we are looking into the developers tools and learning them, we hope that in the future when there will be more info and the tools will be more friendly we will start converting.
2) FSX is 14 years old and more and more users turning into more up to date platforms, we used newer technology for the LLER like PBR and dynamic light that not supported any more by FSX, converting the scenery will take time and we prefer to keep developing LLER into a complete version and not an alpha.
3) niow you can get support for LLER visit VDG's forum: