Wednesday, April 1, 2020

LLER for P3D

In the past few weeks due to the COVID19 I was sent home from my work to be at
quarantine at my home, so I gave me a good opportunity to resume my work on some on the projects.
I have some unfinished projects in Project Open Scenery line but I choose to focus on an old challenge and this is an Airport. 
almost two years ago I started to work with Vatil developers (VDG) on the Eilat int Ramon airport (LLER)
it was on and off project because we have to do it on our free time, and as you get older you have less and less free time....
but on the past few weeks we made a very big progress in the scenery here is some of the previews.
 so if you noticed, I dont have much time to post here new post, most of the updates are on our Facebook page.
so if you like us, follow our page.