Friday, March 3, 2017

Our new workstation

After finishing the work on Slovenia we can sit back and showoff our new workstation that took us tow month to build and that what delay us and that why we were so quiet in the past tow month. our old workstation was a laptop and we couldn't keep working efficiently on it, so the time has come and we have built our new station for the heaviest 3D modeling , rendering and photoshop (and don't forget flight simulator and some gaming)
and after one month with this system we can tell that it an amazing beast, nothing too heavy for it, we couldn't ask for more, even working on large photoshop files (over 4GB, PSB) was a smooth experience, the 3D rendering and modeling was much better, less lags and ability to work on larger files and don't forget P3D that now work smooth too.

so let hope that more great projects will come out of this system

If you ask for the specs
Intel I7 7700K / Gigabyte G7 Z270 / 32GB DDR4 3000Mhz hyperX predator / SSD Samsung evo960 500GB / 1TB HDD / Gigabyte GTX1080 FE / water cooling Corsair H100i v2 / Antec 750W PSU