Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Project open scenery Montenegro is in the finale stage
most of the water masks are ready and also they are blending good on the scenery

as for now, we hop to publish the scenery next week
so here is a screenshot of the upcoming scenery

the water mask for the scenery took us most of the time
it was painted by hand in very high resolution for each tile of the water front of Montenegro.
as mentioned before, the use 1pix/m resolution. so it took nearly a month to finish it
just to show you the work done in the scenery here is a water mask of one tile.

(if you ask what is watermask, it a layer that added to the bgl file which tell what is land and what is the water in the scenery) 
 and this is a close up of the water front
as you can see , we tried to preserve as many details as we could

hope you like this progresses
we promise to give you more surprise about this scenery and others soon